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"Okay.......I'm excited!!! I am one of the millions of 30 something year olds trying to lose weight- and way too often with no success. I have been taking Emerald Sea for about 2 months now and have noticed the tighter shorts I own not being as tight. The real effect of this wonderful supplement was when I stepped on the scales! 
Thanks to Emerald Sea™ my metabolism has gotten its groove back.
" Elizabeth G.

"I have never been a big believer in wasting money on supplements, but Emerald Sea™ and Action Whey have really helped me in so many ways. I feel stronger in my workouts, I have better endurance in running, less pain, and I have lost close to 40 pounds!" Doug S.

"My 10 year old dog Kody had reached a point where he could not get up and move around without pain and discomfort. After giving him a scoop of vanilla Action Whey each morning with his breakfast, Kody is now running around with me, going on long hikes in the woods and chasing squirrels. 
As for me, since I have been taking Action Whey™ and Emerald Sea everyday, I have lost 25 pounds in 4 months (without changing my diet or exercise). My hair growth has improved and I no longer wear a hat everywhere I go...Thanks for such great products for all my families health." Paul

"Since taking Emerald Sea my system has experienced more regularity, and in combination with Action Whey
gives me full nutrition. I used to take about 10 vitamin/supplement pills or capsules a day, but have reduced my intake significantly with great effect! I also supplement my dogs' diet with seaweed" Valerie H

"My clothes are getting looser all the time and my energy level is incredible compared to what it was! 
You guys were right about Emerald Sea™ and Action Whey
. Love them!!! Also, my mother just turned 91, and her Dr told her she needed to boost her glutathione levels. I started her on Action Whey. She drinks it everyday and I can assure you she feels much better because of it and she agrees." Suzanne G.

"The US Nation has no idea what it feels like when you take supplements that are in their natural ORIGINAL Structure, not touched, damaged, or destroyed like commercial protein & synthetic store bought vitamins. 
The difference is MIND blowing, it wakes your body up out of years in a coma. You will FEEL the way you NEVER thought you could feel again. Action Whey™ and Emerald Sea™ are the only two supplements I take. 
I'm getting better results than I have ever seen from the hundreds of supplements I've tried over the past 25 years!" Jim M.

Home Action Whey Testimonies Order Options

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